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Malayan Banking Berhad (doing business as Maybank) is a Malaysian universal bank, with key operating "home markets" of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. According to the 2020 Brand Finance report, Maybank is Malaysia's most valuable bank brand, the fourth top brand in Asean and ranked 72nd in the world’s most valuable bank brands.


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Current Employee - Student Employee says

"Hopefully I have a ride. Might not get paid enough. A little overwhelming. Ion really get enough sleep as it is."

Executive/Treasury Processing says

"Management was horrible, dog eat dog, everyone out for themselves, absolutely NO work ethic"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too much office politics, very mean passive aggressive culture Low pay, poor benefits Easy to get stuck, difficult to move anywhere because standard is outdated. Many people have been looking for years but cannot move Little teamwork, no trust No training or mobility Senior management get perks, but other staff very low pay and badly treated Lot of discrimination. If speak Chinese that is bad. if not Chinese that is bad. Cannot win Management does not care about rest of people in company"

Current Employee - Relationship Manager says

"turnover rate high due to incapable managers, stress rate very high, no growth on the job"

Former Employee - Senior SME says

"It team is just a headless chicken. No budget and head counts but tons of project and short timeline. HOD’s are useless"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Heavy top structure. So many managers bumping ard for benefits. Mgmt focus on cost cutting, every budget cycle is cut cost but not growth. Waste time on beautifying slides then doing work."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Too focused on processes, paperwork, and perception. Give up on work-life balance, unless you want to be seen as an 'outsider'. Too many people, teams and departments involved in every decision, but no one seems to make any decisions."

Current Employee - Associate says

"Bad processes. Backward. Low pay."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Based on Group Compliance management and also the Hiring team: 1. They don't care about your work/life balance. Yes it's banking, and yes we are actually human being. Don't compare us (latest by 2 years tenure) with the seniors where they have to work till 12am because you guys don't have enough people back then! 2. High expectations with a very, very low internal customer appreciations and no welfare whatsoever. Perfect examples are the ones located at Akademi Etiqa. The elevator, the toilets, the office itself, sometimes you have to deal with toilet smells in the morning, sometimes you'll get stuck in the lift for 30 mins or so, sometimes you have to stayback with no aircond on, no place for you to dine, no proper pantry, the microwave is placed next to the printer and shredding machine, etc. 3. The higher management for team Mantas and eSTR is the worst nightmare. Mantas Head (no name mention), he's a dummy who just sits and listens but nothing is happening. He will repost what people sent to him via email but he doesn't really understand what's the content. Also the oldest TL in Mantas, is the worst of a person behind the scarf she wears. She's demotivating and heartless. Be very careful. While the Estr team, they basically just aim one group of people and talk bad about that group of people openly. One indian lady TL, she's the worst. She'd ask stupid questions about everything on a self explanatory matter. She creates hate. 4. HR is all over the place, one time you speak with this one, the next day is another. You have to explain again and again, and is it obvious they trying to avoid to do more work. No dedication, and no integrity. Out of 100, only 10 is reliable. I hope. 5. The system. 6. They just started with QA system hence their Checkers are with their own styles and if you're not in luck, you'll get the worst. 7. Ask you to do 10 alerts per day, but the system is out of date, not giving you to apply for OT when you stayback, they have done their so called motion study that maker can achieved 6 alerts per day in average. BUT that's it, they've gone back to 10 and no OT is provided for you to finish up the rest 4."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible work environment. Working hours till Late, sometimes up to 2am. The best part is that they expect us to be on time and report to work at 9am the next day. Management doesn’t do. Bosses are aware of the challenges staff faces but still wants us to take on a greater workload and expect us not to OT. Zero staff morale. MC rate extremely high, and you end up having to cover two or three of your colleagues at the same time on TOP of doing your own job. Atrocious!! Extremely toxic work environment. Staff turnover rate is high as well and yet the bank wants to reduce headcount. No room for career improvement."

Risk Modelling Intern (Former Employee) says

"Encountered a male boss who is in the good habit of harassing female interns and had to walk away for the sake of a peaceful life; Severe office politics. Leader so incompetent. He doesn't really know how to install R packages."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"good organization to work with Great organization to grow Employees are well rewarded Good recognizations, exposuresEvent handlings, participations in social activitiesshort of manpower, lack of proper training"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Promotion of staff is based on favoritism and not competency and capabilities. Remuneration and benefits are lackluster compared to other banks. Some job openings are not even hiring but were posted to collect resumes only.NilUnfair performance review"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Old school management indulging in bad politics and exploiting staff and vendors. Outdated Processes and mindset of people only to protect their own jobs resulting in bad productivity and culture.Bad management"

Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"Lousy workplace and lots of politics going on. Everyone is just trying to backstab one another. Team heads and superiors practiced favouritism. It is a bad work place.Nil"

Senior Business Development Executive (Former Employee) says

"Employer not acknowledge the seniors contribution towards the organization. KPI is manipulate by the head. Unfair treatment, favoratism is common in Maybank. The Head moderate down KPIs since they are not her blue eyed staff. In other ways, RACIST.Provides coursesNot allowed to go back early although all work done."

Compliance Officer (Former Employee) says

"The GM and his allie - notably Head of Legal and Compliance /Human Capital - run the operations for their personal gain. Swallow your pride and invest in developing effective systems and operations. Eliminate Asian approach in working culture and embed positive British work approach to survive in Europe market!Good colleagues and bonus up to 25% from basic salaryGM and his allie running the place for their own personal gain and covering each other wrong doings."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Fun work place supportive management. Decent amount of red tape and politics, but this is expected of a government linked company in Malaysia."

IT Security Engineer (Current Employee) says

"- Strict Controls - High Competition - Need very High Technical skill to work there - Must be on-time to work -Wonderful bonus, Up to 6months -No work life balance -Good Pay"

Business Process Analyst (Former Employee) says

"the team i worked for had bad workplace culture, really hard to work with. If the team doesn't like you, you are totally an outsider and no team-work at all."

Credit Administration Officer (Former Employee) says

"Career progress were not great though work was very challenging. The most enjoyable part was meeting different types of people everyday."

Project Management Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Project Analyst role was to monitor the cost of project and flow of project. Overall a very good benefit company to work with."

Ms (Current Employee) says

"Love working with Maybank but not with the current management. Working experience very wide. Co-workers : Average. Skills in power points - poor. Being promoted the best part.No commentsNo comments"

Project Manager - Card Services (Former Employee) says

"Day at Work - 08:00 - 20:00 Wat you learned - less of learning technically, but a to to learn on how to spend more time in office. Management - is okay workaholic culture hardest part of the job is no space for innovative idea and spending unnecessary time in office out of office hours"

Personal Financial Advisor (SL1M Programme) says

"Target set by the manager was beyond reach for rural area. Also, I was smirk at when they ask me my pointer during the interview for the permanent position. How is that professional?"

Manager & HR Business Partner (Current Employee) says

"Maybank is a leading banking group in South East Asia. Maybank Group is the leading financial services provider in Malaysia catering to the needs of consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and corporations. The Group, which has expanded internationally, has the largest network among Malaysian banks of over 1,750 branches and offices in 17 countries, employing over 42,000 Maybankers and serving over 18 million customers. It also has the distinction of holding the largest asset base – of more than USD100 billion; and market capitalisation – of USD18.6 billion; with total equity and total net profit of USD9.1 billion and USD1.2 billion respectively. (as of August 2011)TeamworkLong Hours and outdated systems"

AVP - Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"a very Chinese traditional way of doing business. bosses always say their door is always "open", but it enacts in the another. far too lack behind on technology, work are dependable on manual labour.nothing good to say.long hours with no recognition"

Executive (Current Employee) says

"Turnover rate is very high as they choose to hire contract staff. Therefore, no proper handover and it becomes a chore to liaise with a new person every few months. Bosses are flexible when it comes to taking time off.Work Life BalanceDifficulty in career advancement"

Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"As a fresh grad working in one of multinational company it thought me values that would help me in making my way up of the business ladder. I also had fun working hereN/aN/a"

Personal Financial Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Work - Busy to engage with valued customer and need to improve financial knowledge day to day. What I learned - Financial knowledge, Community skill, Presentation skill Management response quite slow and not so efficient, Most of the query need to wait for few days then get respond. Hardest part of the job - Customer not easily to trust banker nowadays. Based on previous experience some of them loss money when they listen some of the banker advise. They might reject thousand time. Need to build a lot of confidence to customer. Benefit was good for employee."

Shaz says

"Really horrible bank. Almost everything requires the need to head down to their branch, even changing passwords require waiting and calling them. Other banks are way ahead of them, their applications are all really user friendly and everything needed are all in the app. Unlike MayBank, even the app seems outdated and does not have a lot of functions at all. Staff and employees seems clueless from what I have experienced when at their branch, and opening a business account was really bad that I changed to another bank instead, which is OCBC. Definitely much better, and their staff are more knowledgeable."